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When you become a homeowner, the last thing you plan for is for natural disaster to hit. It’s a nightmare situation, and that is why Cinderella Shep's Cleaning And Supply Co Inc’s team of certified professionals are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you in this difficult time.

In the aftermath of disaster, it is important to get your life back in order and your schedule functioning again. Cinderella Shep's Cleaning And Supply Co Inc has been practicing immediate response for our Atkinson clients for many years, and are able to provide effective emergency restoration techniques to get your life back in order.


A natural disaster is a traumatizing experience. Whether it’s fire, water or wind, it can be hard to look at your property and home the same way. This is why some Atkinson residents who have experienced fire, tornado or flood damage consider purchasing a new home.

The process of putting your life back together can seem daunting and even impossible at this time, but at Cinderella Shep's Cleaning And Supply Co Inc we’re here to be the shoulder you can lean on. Giving up on your property is not the answer. We’ll handle the hard work so you can focus on your own health, and come back to a home that’s even nicer than you remember.

It is in fact quite a bit more issue-filled to buy a new home. You will first have to determine the cost of rebuilding your old home. This is the amount of insurance you will generally receive to spend on a new home. If you are able to get this amount sorted out, you will have to spend all of it on your new home, no less. You will still have to provide all information to your insurance company, so there is no real getting out of that by simply buying new.

While this is a legal option, we recommend you don’t put yourself through even more hassle at this time.


Recovering from a disaster costs you in time and money. These are two things you won’t want to be wasting in the wake of such a traumatizing event. At Cinderella Shep's Cleaning And Supply Co Inc, we pride ourselves in our quick and calm pace, as well as focus on dedicated client interaction. Our team will really be there for you every step of the way.


In 2017 the average cost to repair fire and smoke damage is between $800 and $12,000, resting at an average of $4,000.


The average cost to dry out a home is $2,700.


The average cost of repairing storm and wind damage is between $2,186 and $10,132 with an average reported at $6,124.

After considering these costs, it’s clear that even the most expensive options are more viable than purchasing an entirely new home.


Being there for someone at their most difficult moment, when they may be having trouble planning what happens next in their lives, is not something we take lightly.

At Cinderella Shep's Cleaning And Supply Co Inc our team will be your family, there with you every step of the way.

Call us any time 24/7, 365 days of the year for emergency assistance or inquiries.

Cinderella Shep's Cleaning And Supply Co Inc consistently strives to provide the most effective approach to janitorial services through the use of technologically advanced equipment and maintenance methods that actually make a difference.

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